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Capturing the fullness of life in Phoenix, AZ

I love people! My photography is about capturing life to the fullest. That means a big part of my job is allowing my clients to be themselves. I do my best to create an environment where they get to laugh, play, and be comfortable in front of the camera. Life to the fullest means that I believe all of life is worth celebrating. Let me be the one to capture yours!


We use natural light at our sessions - outdoors or in the comfort of your home - to bring a bright, fresh, joyful feel to your photos.


We take a journalistic approach to our sessions - we want to capture your story and who you are, not just what you look like!


We use your natural surroundings & environment to show a realistic view of you, your life and your relationships.


Erica McNicol


Carly Lynch

Associate Photographer

What I Love

Life to the fullest means

I believe all of life is worth celebrating!

Ephesians 3:19

Laughing too hard
a really good book
Traveling anywhere
drinking all the coffee
dancing it out

We promise you’ll have fun & you’ll walk away with GREAT photos!