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Kirby S. 6 Months

01 Feb Kirby S. 6 Months

I can’t believe how much little Mister Kirby has grown in six months! These Grow With Me sessions are just so stinkin’ fun. I had the sweetest time getting to know Nikki and Trevor when Kirby was teeny tiny and brand new and it was so good to see them again. Kirby has grown into such a happy, smiley, wiggly baby! We met at a local park and had a lot of fun letting Kirby play with his favorites toys and show off his “sitting up” skills (oh my gosh that made him so happy). It was really sweet to see how much Trevor and Nikki can make their little man laugh and how much he loves to snuggle and play with them. They are the cutest little family! I can’t wait to see who happy, playful little Kirby grows up to be in another 6 months. Check out Kirby’s newborn session here!


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