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The Rivera Family

25 Oct The Rivera Family

This family was really fun to spend an evening with! You can see in each of these photos how much JOY they have – it’s contagious. They laughed and played together so much, and Bobi and Adam knew exactly how to bring out the biggest and most sincere smiles in their kiddos. Those two littles were sweet and fun and had such great attitudes the whole time! Tempe Center for the Arts is beautiful and unique and gave us a great setting for running around together. Oh my gosh, and my favorite part… wait until you see the photos of Baby Bailey with her first birthday cake! She was so precious and happy, and big brother Austin was so sweet with her the whole day. Special thanks to Grandma for being a big help when we had our hands full or needed an extra set of eyes on a busy kiddo. Everyone needs to bring a grandma to their session! I loved being with this family and hope we get to do this together again some day soon.
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