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Nicole & Bryan’s Downtown Phoenix Engagement

18 Oct Nicole & Bryan’s Downtown Phoenix Engagement

I’ve known Nicole for about three years now. She is funny and easy-going, disciplined and the definition of cool. She’s a cross-country runner and a filmmaker and an artist, makes a killer latte and is best friends with her mama. She’s a great friend, a successful student, and she deserves the best kind of man to love her through this life. I couldn’t pick someone better for her than Bryan! He is steady and strong and kind. You should see the way he looks at her… well, you get to! He looks into her eyes with the kind of fierce love that says “I will protect you and love you forever”. Phew, these two! I loved getting to run around downtown Phoenix with them! We explored and laughed and wandered for hours finding fun little nooks and funky spaces for them to show off their can’t-stop-giggling, can’t-stop-kissing, we’re-getting-married love. It was one of my favorite sessions in years and I’m so excited to share a handful of their photos with you here! Enjoy!

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