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Royal Palm Neighborhood 4th of July

04 Jul Royal Palm Neighborhood 4th of July

It’s always been my dream to live in a neighborhood that did things together, like a movie in the park, coordinated luminaries for the holidays and a 4th of July bike parade. ALL of these happen in our sweet, sweet neighborhood, and it makes me LOVE living here! Our neighbors are so kind and protective, we look out for each other and support each other. It has to be the best neighborhood in Phoenix! This year’s 4th of July celebration was fantastic! There were tons of local businesses there, giving their time, talent and products away. People spent countless hours organizing and planning. And an insane amount of people showed up! It was so sweet to be the one capturing all the bike decorating, pie-eating, flag-waving fun. Neighbors, thanks for being GREAT and for choosing to celebrate our Independence Day in our own little park all together!


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