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Emery K. 6 Months

20 Jul Emery K. 6 Months

This sweet little lamb. Oh! She is just so delightful. Emery’s newborn session was my faaaavorite. She was so tiny, so precious and so beautiful. Those LONG lashes – to die for! And she just slept like an angel the whole time while I took millions of pictures of her in her dreamy little nursery. I was so excited to come back 6 months later to see how much she had grown and get a glimpse of her personality. She is such a happy girl! She smiles with her whole face, which is really contagious. She has piercing blue eyes that are so captivating. Tiffany, Rob and I had so much fun with her at their beautiful home together! The Grow With Me package is the best thing I could have added to my business. It’s just incredibly fun to walk alongside a family for a year and capture these important milestones with them. I love it! I can’t wait to see what little Miss Emery is like when she’s a whole year old. If she’s half as happy and bright and delightful then as she is now, she’ll be making our world a more joyful place!

Emery K. Newborn


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