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The Williams Family

20 Mar The Williams Family

I first met Allison and Chris about 8 years ago. One of Allison’s best friends is my sister-in-law! And Chris and my husband have also been friends for many years through an awesome organization called Neighborhood Ministries. They have each always made it a point to say “hi” whenever we see each other and I always feel more comfortable at a gathering of unfamiliar faces when they’re around! My niece and their older son were born within a few months of each other, and it’s been so fun to see them become little friends of their own. We’re all rooting for an arranged marriage with these two – we can’t help it, they’re just so adorable! A few months ago Allison got in touch with us about doing a big family session with Chris’ parents and brother’s family, and I’m so glad! We had so much fun chasing the “big” boys around the park, playing and laughing and catching real relationships in action. Drew & Ben are just a few months apart, and so are their baby brothers. Cousins make the best friends!! You can see in the photos what a fun family they are! My favorite part of the evening with them was when Grandma and Grandpa started leading a song & march to the Elephant March from Disney’s original The Jungle Book. Ben & Drew quickly jumped in line, complete with elephant noises, raised “trunks” and stomping along to every word. Pretty soon the whole family was singing along. It was SO cute and fun! Williams fam, thank you for letting me hang out with you and capture your wonderful family.

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