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Emery K. Newborn

05 Jan Emery K. Newborn

Well, if you just glance at one of these photos you’ll come to the same conclusion that I did – Rob and Tiffany seem to have brought the most perfect, beautiful newborn baby girl that has ever been born into this world. Just look at her! That gorgeous skin, to-die-for eyelashes, long, full head of silky hair… and she didn’t make a PEEP the whole time I was there. She pretty much just slept like an absolute angel and let me take millions of pictures of her darling little face. What a sweet morning I got to spend with this new family! Their beautiful home mixed with a sleepy, cloudy day gave us such wonderful light to work with. You may remember seeing Tiffany’s gorgeous maternity session up earlier this year. Tiffany used to be part of the Cora Kingston team! She was our studio manager, and it’s been so fun to be part of this new chapter in her life. Little Miss Emery… you are so precious. I can’t wait to see how much you grow by the time I see you next. You’ll be six months old!

Keep checking back to follow along with Emery’s first year! Grow With Me! sessions are just my favorite :). You’ll get to see Emery at 6 months and one year old here, too! First we’ll show off gorgeous Mama Tiffany, where it all started:


And the more-than-worth-it result of all that hard baby-growing work!

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