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Twins First Birthday Styled Shoot

09 Aug Twins First Birthday Styled Shoot

I recently had the awesome opportunity to work with my friend Coley of Coley Kuyper Art on capturing her twins first birthday party! It was so clever and cute and full of all kinds of things I wish I had thought of. But this is Coley’s strength – really, it’s her expertise – to dream up a theme or design idea, create beautiful artwork and hand-lettered pieces, put it all together and make it look effortless. I love that I get to admire her work right up close and personal! She actually designed our wedding invitations, which turned out to be one of my very favorite things about our whole wedding. AND, she designed my logo! She’s amazing.

Here is the twins’ “Ampersand” (you know, the “and” symbol: &) themed party!

From Coley:

“The ampersand symbol brings things together that go hand in hand. I wanted to base it around something that was simple but creative that also made sense going with a twin birthday party. The ampersand came to mind when I was designing the girls invitations and writing out “Jocilynn & Jaelynn”. Everything about the party followed after that… crepes & cupcakes, coffee & cream, milk & donuts, even the little details like forks and knives. Going along with the simplicity of it, we kept the invitation list to just family & a couple of close friends, celebrating early in the morning with some sweet breakfast treats. I loved how it all turned out and how my vision came to life, giving our girls something memorable to look back on.”

TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0001 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0003 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0004 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0005 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0006 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0007 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0008 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0009 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0010 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0011 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0012 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0013 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0014 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0015 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0016 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0017 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0018 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0019 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0020 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0021 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0022 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0024 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0025 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0026 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0002 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0023 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0027 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0028 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0029 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0030 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0031 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0032 TwinsAmpersandBirthday_Web-0033

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