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Daniel & Karlee’s Ontario Garden Wedding

13 Jul Daniel & Karlee’s Ontario Garden Wedding

Before I get started on his beautiful garden Ontario wedding, let me tell you a little bit about my cousin Daniel. When we were kids, he was so-ob-nox-ious. I never had a brother, so I guess this was just my fair and square yearly dose of teasing and squirrely boy antics. Poor guy, looking back – he was the only boy of the 5 of us cousins, and had to deal with a lot of just-as-obnoxious girly make-believe games and chasing him around trying to get him to do whatever we girls wanted. I can’t even tell you how proud I am of the man this guy has grown up to be! Somewhere along the line, he decided to start giving his whole summers away to kids who came to camp looking for a place to belong and a person to lead them. And that decision was the beginning of this little-boy cousin of mine turning into the wise, discerning, kind, steadfast, smart, driven, fun, godly man that beamed at his bride on his wedding day. He chose a woman who is equally wise, discerning, kind, steadfast, smart, driven, fun and godly. And let me throw in – beautiful, sweet and PATIENT (hello, she married Daniel!). I’m such a fan of her and am so excited that she’s now part of our family! Watching them on their wedding day brought me to (multiple moments of) tears, and immense joy. They have a deep, steady, grounded love for one another that’s visible from the outside and capturing their sweetest day was an honor and a joy for me. I’m so thankful.

OH and OH MY GOSH was it BEAUTIFUL!! I almost forgot to say that. I live in Arizona. It’s summer. Things are brown. And light brown. And dead. And hot. This day, this venue – Cranberry Creek Gardens – was mouth-drop-open gorgeous. From the immaculately tended gardens to the rustic old chapel, it was a dream for this dried up little desert girl! The reception was at The Backstage Capitol, a converted old movie theater in a tiny little town that looked like you were somehow outside in an Italian courtyard or something. There was delicious family-style food, funny poems & performances shared, heartfelt speeches from family members and friends, and a hilarious newlywed game, which Daniel + Karlee – appropriately – lost. What a wonderful day! So lucky to be part of this family and that I got to capture such a sweet, sweet day. A huge and special thanks to my dad, Paul and my husband, Chad who were both willing to be my second-shooters for the day, and who both did a fantastic job! I couldn’t have done it without them.

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